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Bohemia Incubator is a new label for experimental Bohemia Interactive games that are made available to the public.
The goal of Bohemia Incubator is to guide the development of a game, our technology, and/or supporting services
- plus it's a way for us to increase our knowledge of different areas in game development.

  • Sandbox
  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer


Build whatever you want or fight for survival in a cheerful sandbox game with colorful low-poly graphics. In Ylands, you create your own adventures, alone or with friends, on procedurally generated locations. Ylands is currently in Alpha, and there's a free trial version available on the Bohemia Store. This trial lets you experience all the features of Ylands, a cheerful sandbox game, for a total of 90 minutes.

Project Argo
  • Tactical Shooter
  • FPS
  • Multiplayer

Project Argo

Project Argo - an experimental total conversion of Arma 3 - is a competitive tactical first-person shooter, where two bands of mercenaries compete over objectives in a 5-vs-5 match-up. The game takes place on the island of Malden, and features 3 different modes.

Project Argo has graduated from Bohemia Incubator, and is now available to play for free on Steam under the name "Argo".

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bohemia Incubator is a new label for experimental games that we make available to the public. These games can be in a very rough prototype state, or already in Alpha or Beta. Some of them will be developed into full-fledged games, while others might never be finished.

There are similarities between Bohemia Incubator and Steam Early Access, but a key difference is that Incubator games can be much more experimental, basic, and rough. They are also not necessarily only PC games. Plus, we might even decide to cancel or stop supporting an Incubator game. To reflect this, you'll often be able to play the games for free while they are part of Bohemia Incubator - or, if we're already certain that the Incubator game will see an official release (such as Ylands), we might decide to sell it on the Bohemia Store, but always at a much lower price than it will be at release. In such case, we aim to make a free trial version available.

For us as developers, there are several reasons for wanting to release experimental games and involve players into their development process. First and foremost, it can help us test whether certain design concepts work or not (and if they're fun!). But it can also help guide the development of our technology and tools (such as our next engine, Enfusion), or supporting services, like networking solutions and online community platforms. On top of that, it's also a great way to train our people, and familiarize ourselves with different areas of game development, game genres, and platforms (including VR). Last but not least, it's a way for us to explore our various interests, come up with creative concepts and solutions, and be inspired by everything that makes games such a wonderful medium. All in all, even though Bohemia Incubator itself is somewhat of an experiment, we feel that it connects perfectly with who we are as a company, how we want to conduct our business, and what we value the most: curiosity, creativity, and community.

We hope the Bohemia Incubator label will help you understand what to expect from a game/project - and perhaps more excitingly, it represents an opportunity to be involved in our development processes very early on, and help shape the future of our games. And even if that's not for you, it simply means you can look forward to some new and original games to play - often for free, or otherwise at a very low price.

A fair question! We'd like to make clear that our core focus remains DayZ, Arma, and Take On - with the vast majority of our people working on these projects. In fact, Bohemia Interactive has nearly tripled in size over the past few years, going from a 100 to more than 250 employees - and we've been actively hiring, or sometimes even acquiring complete development teams (and we still have more openings), all to make sure these projects are in the best hands possible. That said, even though we try to add manpower where needed, in reality, there are some parts of game development that cannot be pushed forward more quickly by simply adding more people. For example things that require people with a very specific expertise, such as the development of our core engine technology. With that in mind, there is room for some of our people to form a small team and experiment as part of Bohemia Incubator, which will often be to the benefit of our main games as well. All in all, we'd like to assure all players that our number one priority remains to finish each (non-Incubator) game we release, especially those that are part of Steam Early Access - and we'll be distributing our resources to the best of our ability to achieve this goal.

You can find an overview of Bohemia Incubator games, with links to their websites and download locations, on the Bohemia Incubator web page. PC games will most likely be distributed via the Bohemia Store and/or Steam. For any potential future mobile or even console Incubator game, we'd probably use their established distribution platforms.

Since it's possible that an Incubator game will never be finished, you'll often be able to play these games for free while they are part of Bohemia Incubator. However, when we feel the Incubator game is already a very solid product, and we are certain that it will be finished (such as Ylands), we might decide to sell it as a paid product - but always at a much lower price than at its final release, and we still aim to make a free trial version available.

For the moment, Bohemia Incubator will only include games or products that were created internally at Bohemia Interactive. However, we welcome everyone to share their ideas or suggestions on our forums, or even better, to create mods for our existing games such as Arma 3.

Bohemia Interactive Mission Statement

  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Community

Bohemia Interactive creates rich and meaningful gaming experiences based on various topics of fascination.
By opening up our games to users, we provide platforms for people to explore - to create - to connect.